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Do the snaps I enter have to be my own?

Yes, they need to be photos that you have taken. You cannot use other people's photos. That would be cheating.

What are zingbats for?

Zingbats are the official Snapzing currency. Zingbats can be exchanged for Boosts and other virtual goods. You can purchase more Zingbats in the store.

How do I get zingbats?

Zingbats can be earned by:

  1. Daily bonus - each day you check in with the app, you will receive a daily bonus of zingbats
  2. Completing a judging challenge
  3. Snaps that you enter can win zingbats.

Can I use existing photos from my camera roll?

Yes, feel free to take or use snaps that you've taken in the past if they fit the contest, even those taken with other apps

How do I choose a picture from my camera roll

When taking a photo, there is a blue "choose..." button on the bottom right of the screen. Tap it and you'll be taken to your camera roll.

How can I remove a snap I've taken?

When viewing the snap, there are three dots in the bottom right of the picture frame. Tap them and a dialog will appear asking if you want to remove the snap. Removing a snap will free up a slot, but you will forfeit the zingbats it cost to enter the snap.

Can I use the same picture more than once?

Using the same or nearly identical picture more than once in the same contest is considered unsportsmanlike. (and not very clever) The snap with the lesser score will be removed. You could use the same snap in a different contest but the community tends to reward new snaps vs. rehashed ones.

How do I take better snaps?

Try something funny or clever - If the contest was called "Bananas!" then a picture of a banana on a table is probably not going to get a high score. However, a picture of you and your dog wearing a hats made of bananas might do the trick.

What are some more picture taking tips?

What is a boost?

A boost is a way to bump up the score of your snaps or of those that you like. You can think of a boost as a super like.

How do I give a snap a boost?

Tap the boost button on a snap to give it a boost.

Can I give my own snaps a boost?


How do I get more boosts?

Boosts can be purchased or earned. You can purchase a boost by tapping on the number of boosts you have from your profile. Boosts are earned by completing judging challenges.

How many times can I boost a snap?

By default, you can boost a snap once. This may change from contest to contest.

How does judging work?

When you judge a contest, you will be presented with two images. Choose the snap that you think does a better job of matching the contest description. Judge as many snaps as you like.

How many times can I judge?

As many as you like.

What happens if I share a snap on Facebook?

When you share a snap on Facebook, it will post a thumbnail of the snap to your feed. Friends who click on the post will be able to judge snaps in that contest, including yours.