Snapzing was founded with the idea that given an inspiration, anyone can be creative. Snapzing (the app) is a social photo game where users take contextual photos, rate them, and win rewards.

Sidney Chen - Co-Founder

Sidney has been building mobile apps for the last 4 years on both iOS and Android. Prior to co-founding Snapzing, he was at Vualla, a social TV guide for the iPad. He likes food related contests and snaps. If you take a great picture of food, he'll probably boost your snap (unless it has nothing to do with the contest). He currently sports a BS/MS from Johns Hopkins University in Computer Science.

Praveen Kankanala- Co-Founder

A design addict at heart, Praveen loves creating amazing web and mobile apps. Prior to Snapzing, he was at Fanfare, another startup he co-founded with Jason. He often takes out-of-focus pictures and pretends that it was intentional. Praveen has previously worked at TokBox and MarkLogic, and also holds a MS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Jason Monberg - Co-Founder

Jason relentlessly produces web and mobile based products. On behalf of Big Co's (IBM, Schwab), Little Co's (Composite Software, MarkLogic), and his own Co's (Sparks.com, Carbon Five, Fanfare), he has tackled the complete product lifecycle from conception, development, and engagement to marketing and sales.